Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meal Planning Secrets Revealed

Ask and ye shall receive.... My meal planning 'secrets' reveled!!

I am an organizational freak, and when it comes to my workouts and meal plans, if I do not prepare my meals I will literally eat whatever is in front of me! So today I am hear to share with you my current 'secrets' of meal planning.

Some important things to know before we get started:
Pretty Easy right? In addition to that, you should also know that I prepare all my meals on Sunday. Thats 6 meals a day, 7 days a week. A whole lotta food but it saves a WHOLE lotta trouble when it comes to a busy week. 

So let's get started! Here are some of my 'essentials' that I buy nearly every 2 weeks! All of the following gets eaten within 7 days, by yours truly! 

Head on over to Framed Frosting, where I blog as the Clean and Fit contributor to see the rest of this post and my entire meal plan! Go... go now!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heavy on my heart

I have had a few things weighing heavy on my heart lately, so I just decided to write and see where it took me. Maybe some of you have experienced the same thing... maybe not....
Maybe you are guilty of this... maybe not...
Regardless, I just ask for you to hear me out.

It was January of 2012 that I began getting into fitness. I wanted to train to run 5K's.
I was always naturally thin (I believe it is because I have been a dancer since age 3), and never watched what I ate.
In March of 2012 I began eating Gluten free 85% of the time, as well as cutting out processed junk.
Once my husband got home from Afghanistan and we were settled into our new home in Alaska, I realized all the running wasn't for me. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hallux Limitus, and running became very uncomfortable for anything more than a short stent.

So in September of 2012 I began working with a personal trainer. I learned about Crossfit vs body building, and the difference between the two. I dropped down to my goal weight and was at 18% body fat. I felt good about myself and where I was going with my training.

Then December 2012 hit, and we spent 1 week in Punta Cana boozing it up, and eating literally endless amounts of food. After that we spent 2 weeks in Ohio with family over Christmas and I didn't even think about the gym. I also managed to eat whatever I want. Heading back to Alaska in January the downward spiral continued and with my odd work schedule of 7AM-12PM then 4PM-9PM, I chose sleep over going to the gym. Then came Feburary of 2013 when iI decided to hop onto a scale only to realize I had gained 6 pounds.

I get it, you are rolling you eyes at me, saying "Seriously, you are crying about 6 pounds?"

It wasn't the weight, I promise you that. It was the symbolism of how quickly I threw away all of my hard work. For what? Food... and a week of drinking ? I was mad at myself, and thats just what I needed. So I recommitted to pushing myself, and to stop feeling sorry for myself. I started setting my alarm for 4:45 AM and made it to the gym by 5:00. I was lifting heavy again, doing cardio and prepping my meals.

And thats when the negativity from others began....

It seemed like everyone around me needed to tell me that I don't need to lose weight, that I need to eat grains (uhh... no you seriously do not need to eat grains folks), that I look fine the way I am, that I'm crazy for waking up that early, that lifting heavy would make me bulky (... if only I had a penny for every time I heard that one), that the food I was eating was gross, it's weird that I eat 6 times a day, why do I take so many vitamins.......

I could continue if I had the time. But you get the picture, I have heard it all. And in all honesty I just want to know why? Why do people feel the need to bring negativity into your life, your business, and something that makes you feel good about yourself?

I eat the way I do to fuel my body. 
I don't eat grains because I find better sources of carbohydrates in vegetables. 
I only eat one serving of fruit a day because fruit is sugar filled. 
I lift weights because I like the look of defined muscles. 
I don't eat dairy or much sugar because I have IBS 
I don't count calories because I count macronutrients instead. 
I have a goal weight, and plan on reaching it by eating nearly 1500+ calories a day. 
I workout to feel good about myself, and to have some "me" time. 
I'm not on a "diet", and I don't "diet".... I have a diet which consists of what I eat daily.

Time to step off my soap box, you say ? Seriously though.... has anyone else ever dealt with this? I personally want to inspire and motivate people, but why do the people closest to you have to be the most critical?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making the switch

I'm going to be honest with you. I take my makeup products very seriously. Does that mean I always spend a ton of money on the latest and greatest thing? No. But it does mean that I am going to spend money on quality products that do my face justice. 
I have always sworn up and down by Bare Minerals Mate foundation. It has been my go to foundation since probably my freshman year of high school. I always feared liquid foundation because I hate makeup lines, and I despise feeling like I am wearing makeup. So, when Bare Minerals started failing me about 2 months ago, I decided it was time to make a switch. See, we live in Alaska where the air is dryer than the Sahara..... meaning my skin, which I never have had a dryness problem with, suddenly started causing me all kinds of problems. I went into Nordstrom still with the idea in mind that I was never going to buy liquid foundation, until the lovely ladies at the Mac counter changed my mind forever..... 

Ladies, Liquid foundation is not the culprit when it comes to streaky, makeup lines! How you apply it is! I had never thought to use a flat brush to apply liquid foundation, but when the Mac artist did it to my face, oh my goodness. It looked flawless. Now the downside, the stippling brush they wanted to sell me was $45. Heck no. 
Sorry but there comes a time and a place when I wont spend $40+ on a makeup brush for my personal use. When it comes to my freelance work, yes I buy more expensive brushes. But every day use... nope, not happening. 
So I headed to Target and found the amazing Sonia Kashku Flat Top Multipurpous brush.  Amazeballs, and only $15. Worked just as great as the Mac brush and I cannot complain. 

So when it comes to the actual foundation, Mac Matchmaster is my new favorite for these winter months. The color (no. 5) matches my skin perfectly and I only have to apply a super thin coat. This is more of a matte foundation, which is the look i prefer. 

So there it is, my speech on foundation and the importance of using a proper brush! Honestly though, please toss the makeup sponges and STOP using your hands to apply liquid foundation! You will thank me for this (: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Firmoo Love & Free Glasses

You aren't a "real" blogger until Firmoo asks you to review some glasses, right?
Totally kidding. However I was so excited when I got an e-mail from Firmoo.
I was in the market for some new glasses anyways, considering I lost 2 pairs when I moved back to Alaska over the summer and my eye sight is less than perfect (to say the least).

If you haven't heard about Firmoo already, then you need to know what makes them awesome.

  1. You get your first pair of glasses free. Yep I said it, free! 
  2. The shipping is incredibly fast (unlike you all in the lower 48... most things take WEEKS to get to Alaska, Firmoo had some super speedy shipping which I loved). 
  3. You can virtually try-before-you-buy, on their website. 
  4. SO many glasses to choose from! 

If those aren't enough reasons to order from Firmoo then I don't know what is. I have to admit I was slightly skeptical about ordering prescription glasses online. But it was incredibly easy-- I called my eye doctor, asked for my prescription, and filled in the blanks on the website! The only issue I have had with the glasses is a slight glare when attempting to be photographed in them. However, aside from that, love my new frames.  So go head on over to Firmoo's website and get your free glasses NOW! 

Link to the frames I ordered is

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Oh glitter... how I love the. Also known as the herpes of arts and crafts. I recently bought a ridiculous amount of mason jars to use for various projects and had a few left over I wanted to "bling" out.  This project is insanely easy and surprisingly didn't make too much of a mess! 

Materials Needed: 
  • Mason Jar
  • Mod Podge
  • Craft Glitter
  • Newspaper 
  1. Pour a generous amount of Mod Podge into the bottom of the mason jar. 
  2. Top that Mod Podge with a hefty amount of glitter. More glitter = more coverage. 
  3. Twist and turn that jar around until the entire inside is coated. 
  4. On several newspapers turn the jar upside down and let the remaining Mod Podge mixture drip out. 
Once most of the excess has dripped out, turn your jar over right side up, and let it dry until Mod Podge is clear. That's it, that's all! So easy, so simple and created with some extra supplies I had laying around! 


Monday, March 18, 2013

Shopping in the children's section gets you places

It's true... I'm not ashamed, I frequently shop in the kid's clothing section.
Pants, shoes, shirts, coats... you name it, I will buy it. And don't get me wrong, I am not a legal midget. I'm 5'4" and wear a size 8 shoe. However for as long as I can fit into kids pants, shirts, and shoes I will continue to buy because it's less expensive!

While shopping from the kids section isn't anything I'm unfamiliar with.... shopping from the little boys section is. I have been dying to find a military jacket and old navy had the cutest ones! I wasn't planning on buying a whole new wardrobe, but there were a couple items I had been planing on picking up, and a $40 jacket was not in the budget. So I began to search the kids section and found nothing in the Girl's dept. After wandering around the store I spotted a tiny boy mannequin sporting the jacket of my dreams (with a $25 price tag). Tried it on, loved it, bought it. Simple as that.

Women's Military Jacket (Old Navy); Boys Military Jacket (Old Navy). 

Did I mention I am totally over taking pictures in the cold and snow? I do love Alaska, but I have simply had enough of the snow! MELT ALREADY! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Truth: I'm a blogger who doesn't blog about brand new clothes

Happy Monday! It is a happy Monday for me because it is my spring break from work. Praise the Lord! I love my job, and I truly do love teaching dance to adolecents and wiping the noses of 3-4 year old pre school students, but this girl needs a break. The Mr. and I are headed away for a mini Staycation at the ski resort and I am beyond thrilled. However, now it's onto bigger and better topics....

I have always loved fashion, and creating outfits. When I decided I wanted to blog about fashion I was discouraged due to the fact that many of the other fashion bloggers I look up to seem to always have the latest and greatest outfits from places like J.Crew. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about that.... I LOVE J.Crew. However being in my early twenties, still in college, with a husband in the military-- our budget does not allow for me to go on weekly shopping sprees. Not to mention the best place to shop in Alaska is Target.... fail. Then it hit me; there are more people with a budget (and salary) like me, than there are people with extravagant budgets and weekly shopping cash for new outfits. So, why not blog about fashion on a frugal budget & creating outfits from what is already in your closet? 

Another thing to know about me, is I am not one to go out on a shopping spree. I will typically pick up a new blouse, or a few accessories at a time, maybe 1-2x a month. And when I do buy things, I make sure the quality is worth the price. With that said, I hope that my outfits and postings inspire you to dig deep and do a little shopping in your closet! Put that extra $$$ into a savings account or IRA (if you ask me). (; 

With that said, when digging through my closet and resisting the urge to go shopping I came up with an outfit that went perfectly with this past weeks weather! Everyone in Alaska thought spring was coming early, when we hit the upper 30's and low 40's for 2 days in a row. We could never be that lucky.... the snow hit us again Sunday AM! However I embraced all things spring-ey for those two days and got out with Amy-Lynn and got some shots! 

Most of the outfit pieces I wore are sold out or no longer available, so I have listed similar items below to create the same look! 

Cardigan (Target); Gingham Shirt (Target ); Silver brand Jeans(Macy's ); Riding Boots (Target ); Leg Warmers (Etsy ); Belt (Charlotte Russe); Watch (Fossil)


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